Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stir Fry Seitan w/ Potstickers

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Stir fried Seitan w/ home made potstickers.  This was by far the most labor intensive meal we've made yet. We made home made seitan (basically just the protein part of wheat flour - the gluten), home made potstickers, home made dipping sauces, and stir fried a bunch of fresh veggies.  More details on seitan and more pictures after the jump.

To make the seitan you mix up a dough of just water and vital wheat gluten (you can buy it in speciality stores).  It makes this really weird looking incredibly elastic dough.  You roll it out into two logs and then simmer in a flavorful liquid for a few hours (we used Mark Bittman's recipes from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian).  It triples in size and starts tasting like something.  Then you pan fry it and then use it in the stir fry.  It's what Asian restaurants use for "mock duck" or other faux meats.  I can see why because it has a very meaty mouthfeel - much more so than tofu or tempeh.

The homemade potstickers were a lot of work too but we succeeded in making them flavorful this time (last time they were a little bland).

Here's the prepped veggies for the stir fry:
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