Sunday, March 6, 2011

Black Bean Mess

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Those of you who know me,  knew this day was coming.  Here's my all-time most overused, still most loved recipe: "Black Bean Mess."  It's wonderful and I highly recommend you go make some.  The ones in the picture were made with homemade black beans, but honestly canned works pretty darn well.  Find the recipe here:

My 3 favorite uses:

1) Combine with brown rice in about equal portions, cheese, sriracha, and a little sour cream.
2) Fill a burrito shell, fry the burrito a little on two sides in a non-stick pan with a tiny bit of oil, top with sriracha.
3) Make a salad with spinach, avocado, tomatoes, green onion, sour cream, cheese, and some black bean mess - awesome "taco salad"

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